Since 1980, Daly City Senior/Adult Services has been providing services at Doelger Center, offering an environment promoting wellness and lifelong learning for seniors/adults from Daly City and surrounding areas. 


A variety of life-enhancing activities are offered at the center including:

  • exercise classes

  • computer training

  • yoga

  • daily hot lunches

  • educational services

  • a variety of social activities


Our Mission Statement

Senior Adult Services Division - 

To enhance the quality of life and to promote wellness by providing social, educational, and health services to adults over 50+. All programs are open to all seniors. Our program announcements will provide you with sufficient notice for you to decide on your participation.

Toward Cultural Appreciation and Understanding

"The Global View" -

We welcome seniors from all cultures to participate in our programs. We are not trying to be a melting pot where everyone is expected to be the same. Instead, we pride ourselves in being like a mosaic, where the differences of each culture are appreciated and at the same time are a part of the whole. Because we want to promote cultural appreciation and understanding, our programs with therefore include a cultural mix that may include any of the following: Food, History, Religion, Dance, Music, Entertainment Cultural Heritage, Dress or Costumes, Arts & Crafts.


Our Partners 

City of Daly City - The City of Daly City provides the administrative office for our volunteers, volunteer classes, programs, and work shops for the Doelger Senior Center. The City of Daly City's role is to manage, organize, and facilitate programs for our senior center participants. 


Healthy Aging Response Team (HART) - The Healthy Aging Response Team is a group of peer volunteers connecting seniors 50 or older to services in the community. HART is the main contact for Doelger Senior Center seniors looking for services and connection to appropriate agencies.  


City of Daly City Department of Library and Recreation Services
Daly City Active Adult/Senior Services

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